The funnel is a bit like Tinder…

Regardless of whether they are a learner or a consumer, when it comes to your learning, your employees are at varying stages of awareness. Some are hyper engaged and consume more learning content than you ever thought fathomable (we love those guys). But plenty of others don’t engage at all, or only log into your learning platform on the odd occasion. Whatever their behaviour, the reality is that depending on their level of awareness, they need to be communicated to differently.

In this episode Hannah and Ashley explore the world of the RACE framework (Hannah’s favourite marketing framework apparently…) and how it can be applied to your learners and communications to ensure your outreach efforts are as effective as possible. So if you’d like to learn about how learning and sales funnels are just like Tinder, tune into the full episode to find out more.

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Ashley Sinclair is the host of the Marketing for Learning podcast. Having been a marketer for nearly a decade, Ashley is committed to developing the marketing skills of L&D. She also owns her own marketing agency, MAAS Marketing.

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